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These articles are related to the WordPress blogging system on Georgetown Commons.




View an instructional sample of a Commons blog

Why create a class blog?

Where do I find the blogs I have access to?

How do I add students to my course blog?

How do I add videos or audio to my blog posts?

I'd rather have something other than a picture of campus as my header. Can I add my own photo?

How do I add the syllabus and course information to my blog?

Is there an easy way to see at-a-glance which students have updated the class blog?

I'd like to keep the same information on my blog's front page, even after I add new posts. Is there a way to do this?

What is a good way to display a collection of photos on my blog?

Can I erase content?

Can I change the name and/or URL of my blog?

I tried to set up comment notifications via email, and it's not working. Why?

Can I add music to my site?


View an instructional sample of a Commons ePortfolio

What is an ePortfolio?

I don't even know where to start. Any tips?

How do I make my CV or resume available?

My ePortfolio is still a work in progress. Can I make sure I'm the only one who sees it?

I'm really proud of my ePortfolio! How do I make it available to anyone (especially potential employers)?

I can't find what I need here.

Please email us at We are happy to help!

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