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ART by Clet

"Common Man" and the sculpture on Ponte alle Grazie

On January 20, 2011, Clet placed his life-size fiberglass sculpture, Common Man on the Ponte alle Grazie. Although photographed and highly visited, the sculpture was removed a week later by authorities. Clet's fans and numerous Florentines soon responded with an online petition to put back the sculpture; after thousands of signatures, the Common Man was reinstalled in its place and has stood on the bridge as a popular public display of art ever since.


Street Signs by Clet

"Uomo Comune" 

"The Common Man statue is intended as a stimulus to take an important and risky step. It represents one of those moments in one’s life in which one needs to make a decision even not knowing its consequences (the void below him is this unknowingness). So Uomo Comune decides to take this step, and invites everyone to do it. The irony lays in being part of this dangerous spectacle from the safe side of the railing. The act is permanently frozen in limbo, being a sculpture that doesn’t move and will never finish stepping out, and so we'll never know if his choice was the right one or not – the only way for us to know is if we were to try it ourselves.” ~ Clet