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Albanian Community of Florence

A glimpse at the Albanian community's integration to Italian life.


Before indulging in the delicious meals for cena that Florence is so known for, Florentines and visitors alike open their appetites with aperitivo, joining the company of friends with light snacks and refreshing drinks. We explored this tradition on an aperitivo tour, experiencing a variety of different setups and tastings at local places throughout the city of Florence. 


ART by Clet

Have you seen the vandalized traffic signs in Florence? What do they mean? Is it "art"?

Learn about the art of Florence's notorious street artist Clet

Caffé and coffee culture in Florence

Drinking an espresso or cappuccino has specific rules that make it a unique experience in Italy. Most customers frequent the same cafes and the baristas know their orders by heart. With a quick and friendly exchange at the bar, most Italians are wary of the American way of drinking coffee, with trendy coffee chains like Starbucks dominating the United States’ coffee habits. However, in Florence, caffé culture itself has undergone major changes as many of the city’s major cafes have gone from centers of intellectual exchange to tourist traps. As we explored the city’s caffés, we discovered that although the rules of coffee drinking have not changed, the role of Florence’s caffés in society certainly has. 

Calcio e Campanilismo

A look into the role of Ultras, hooligans, and fans in the culture of Calcio

Centro ArteDanza Firenze: Danza Italiana

This semester, I took a weekly modern dance class at Centro ArteDanza Firenze, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Through my experiences in the class, I studied the impact of the traditional Italian Cecchetti ballet method on the dancers of Florence while interacting with other dancers around my age—all in the Italian language, of course.

Che Cosa Significa Feminism?

Feminist movements across the world have slowly gained prominence. While some countries in Europe had strong feminist movement other countries have struggled in their battle for women's rights and equality among genders. Italy has also been an advocate for equality, education and labor among other things, but the feminist movement in Italy is considered "backwards." The world Feminism itself, is controversial, with no one truly agreeing in one definition or precise description. This exhibit attempts to explore the various opinions and definitions that Florentines have about feminism in Italy today. 

Diamonds in the Rough: Truffle Hunting in Tuscany

While at a restaurant in Florence, we wondered why are truffles so delicious, yet so expensive? Why are truffles so much better than mushrooms? And how does this traditional food figure into the city’s history and “flavor”?

And how does one “hunt” for truffles? To answer this question, we went on an experiential learning adventure.