Using the iPhone WordPress app to add or edit posts

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After you have installed the WordPress iPhone app and connected to your blog, you can add or edit posts.

Additionally, if you have the Email Users plugin activated on your blog, your students will receive notices of these updates, a useful way to notify your students if you’re without an internet connection.

Adding a new post

Once you have your blog connected to the iPhone app, select Posts from the menu at the bottom of the screen:

Posts iphone.png

The 'write' icon Writeicon iphone.png on the upper right portion of the screen will take you to a form that will allow you to add a new post.

Enter a Title, Tags, and Categories (if applicable). The default Status is ‘Local Draft.’

After touching the main writing area (denoted by Tap here to being writing), you can enter the body of your post. From there, you have the option to either Save or Publish:

Savepublish iphone.png

Choosing Save will give you the option to publish later. Choosing Publish will post immediately and can be viewed. It’s recommended that you Publish as we found the app to be inconsistent in publishing after the Save option was chosen.

Editing an existing post

The process of editing posts is direct and simple. Choose the post you’d like to edit, then make desired changes. After you’re done, touch ‘Save’ in the upper right corner of the screen:

Editapost iphone.png

After saving, updates will appear on your blog.

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