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If this is your first attempt to manage a site, it can seem confusing. Here are some basic instructions to get things set up:

Go to your ePortfolio site. (Your instructor may have emailed you the link or displayed the link on your class blog. You can also find it by clicking right here, signing in with your net ID and password, then clicking "My Sites" in the top left corner.) You'll set up your portfolio from the back end of the site.

At the top of your site, you'll see a black menu bar. It says "My Sites", "Your Name", and has a few other buttons. Click on your name.

That takes you to the Dashboard. The left side menu bar has everything you need. Click "Posts."

The only thing there now is the example post called "Hello World!" which is what you see on the main area of your portfolio. Turn that into your personal introduction. Hover your mouse near the words "Hello World!", and you'll see some options appear. Click Edit.

You can now change the title and text in this post. Introduce yourself, describe what will be found in your portfolio, add a photo of yourself, etc. Then click "Update."

When the post is updated, a small notification will appear at the top of the page that says "Post Updated. View Post." Click View Post to go back to the main view of your portfolio and see how it looks.

To add different tabs, repeat this process with the Pages tab in the dashboard menu. Each new Post will appear where the "Hello World" example post is now. Each new Page will add a new tab at the top.

Try to add some more content until you feel more comfortable with how it works. Review the other questions listed here to see if we've covered what you're looking for. If not, email the Commons team with your questions, and we will be happy to help.

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