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We will keep portfolio blogs and course blogs indefinitely until the administrator of any given blog asks us to archive it. You may, however, want to "pack up" your blog for use elsewhere. Perhaps you want to buy yourname.com and use your blog there, or maybe you're interested in moving over to wordpress.com. Exporting your blog allows you to capture the blog content in a XML format for future reuse outside the Commons.

Exporting your blog content

Export option

To export your blog, go to your Dashboard, and under "Tools," find "Export." If you would like to export the entire blog, leave all the drop-downs on their default positions of "All." Otherwise, you can change the drop-downs to reflect the content you'd like to export. When you click "Download export file," your file will be downloaded in .xml format. You can use import this format into another installation of WordPress or wordpress.com.

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