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At some point you may want to get rid of outdated pages or posts that need further work. You can either permanently delete them or "unpublish" them (return them to draft form) for further revisions. You can ultimately request that we do the same with your blog; at the (joint) request of a blog's administrators, we can permanently delete or archive a blog.


Unpublishing a post/page

Unpublish a post

To revert a blog post or page back to draft form, edit that post and find the publish box. In that box, select "draft" in the drop-down menu. Click "ok," and finally click "update" to revert your blog post/page to draft form. This means that you will be able to view and edit the post, but no one will be able to access it from the front end.

Deleting a post/page

Delete a page
Delete a post

To delete a post or page, go to "posts" or "pages." Hover over the title of the post, and you will see a "delete" option. Deleting a post is permanent.

Unpublishing your blog (archiving)

If you are done with your blog and would like to take it down for a while but don't want the contents permanently deleted, then you can ask us to archive your blog for you. It will no longer be accessible to anyone, including blog members. When you want it restored, let us know.

Deleting your blog

If you would like your blog to be deleted permanently, please gather the consent of all blog administrators and contact us with your request. We will delete your blog permanently for you.

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