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To add a gallery to your blog, begin by creating a new post or page.

Creating a Photo Gallery

Add a gallery to a new post or page

Once you have added and named your New Post or New Page, click "Add Media" at the top of the text editing box.

Create your gallery

Select "Create Gallery" in the left side menu.

You have two options:

1. Upload new photos from your desktop

2. Select images from your Media Library

Add photos

When your photos appear in the window, select each one you wish to add to the gallery. A check box will appear in the top right corner of each chosen photos. When you have selected all desired photos, click "Create New Gallery."

Rearrange photos here

This will take you to the "Edit Gallery" page. Here, you can rearrange the photos to appear in any specific order.

You can also use this page to remove any photo from your gallery. Hover over the photo, and click the "x" to delete.

When you are satisfied with your settings, click "Insert gallery."

The gallery icon as seen in the editing window

Your gallery will appear as a thumbnail grid of the photos you've chosen.

To see what your gallery will look like on your post or page, find the Publish box in the top right, and click "Preview." This will open a new tab to display the public view of your post or page. To return to editing your gallery post or page, simply close that tab.

Click the left button to edit this gallery

To further edit the gallery, click the gallery icon in the editing window. Two buttons will appear in the top left corner of the icon; the left button returns you to the gallery editing options. The button on the right deletes the gallery.

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