Connecting your blog with the iPhone WordPress app

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Installing the WordPress iPhone app

In the App Store, a search for ‘Wordpress’ should bring up the WordPress app by Automattic (the development group responsible for the app).

The app is free, and installation on your iPhone requires the same steps as all other apps.

Connecting your blog with your iPhone/iPod Touch

Connect blog.png

After installation, open the app. At the bottom of the sign-in screen, select "Add Self-Hosted Site".

The next screen will ask for your Username, password, and the Site Address (URL) of your blog. Use your Georgetown net ID (not your full email address) and password. For the Site Address, type in your URL, adding "/xmlrpc.php" to the end. For example, "". If this does not work, you may have to go through a troubleshooting process in the Help Center.

Addblog iphone.PNG

After you enter your information, tap ‘Add Site.’ The app should authenticate your blog. Select your blog from the list and touch "Add Selected."

Addselected iphone.png

You are now ready to Using the WordPress iPhone app to maintain your Commons blog.

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