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Unless you are the only one with access to your blog, others visiting your blog will be able to add comments to your posts.

Comment policy

In many cases, you will need to moderate incoming comments on your blog. This means that you will need to approve them before they appear on a post. Your current blog privacy level will dictate how flexible your comment moderation options are. Please find your current privacy level on the following list:

Public/Searchable Public/Not Searchable Georgetown only Registered users only Admins only
Allow everyone to comment; must moderate x x
Allow blog members to comment without moderation; Georgetown with moderation; no outside comments x x x x (allow members only without moderation) x (allow admins only without moderation)
Allow members of Georgetown to comment; must moderate x
Allow blog members to comment without moderation; no one else can comment x x
Require moderation of all comments x x x x x

Approving comments

If you have pending comments, you will notice a small circle with a number beside "comments" on the left of your dashboard. Hover over a comment in queue and click "approve" (or "trash" if you don't want the comment to remain in your list of pending comments).

Note: you should be able to use HTML tags in any of your comments to include links, emphasize text by italicizing it, etc.

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