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By default, the front page of your blog displays your blog posts. WordPress allows you to change the front page of your blog to instead display any of the pages you have created. If you are building a portfolio, for example, you might consider changing your front page to display a "professional statement" or "about" page.

Changing your page settings

To change your blog so that a particular page, not your blog posts, show up when someone visits your site, you first need to create the page that you would like to have be your blog's home page.

Set a static front page
From the Dashboard, click Appearance, then Customize. This will open a new menu on the left side of the screen, allowing you to preview all of your changes before you save them.

At the bottom of the Customize menu, choose the "Static Front Page" option. Then select the page you wish to display as your Home or Welcome page. Next, you may choose which page will feature your latest posts. For a site with a static front page, we recommend creating a page called "Blog" to display your posts.

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