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You may at some point want to use footnotes in a post or page to present a full paper or cite sources for your content. While adding footnotes in WordPress requires some work with code, we'll take you through the steps below.

Adding footnotes in your text

the Text tab of the editing box
  1. Open the post or page you will be working on, and switch from the "Visual" tab to the "Text" tab in the upper right of the editing box.
  2. Click your cursor where you would like to insert your first footnote marker. Paste the following code in: <a href="#f1"> [1]</a>
  3. Now go down to the bottom of your article. Start a list of your footnote citations by pasting in the following code: <a name="f1">1. Last Name, First Name</a>
  4. Continue this process for each of your citations, changing each "1" to "2" and so forth. For example, the second footnote would be indicated by the marker <a href="#f2"> [2]</a> and end with the citation <a name="f2">2. Last Name, First Name</a>
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