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Adding Users

Add a user

In your dashboard, click on the "Users" button on the toolbar on the left and click the option "Add User". You will be presented with the option to either enter the NetID (e.g., "abc123", not "") of the individual you would like to add or enter a list of users to add in bulk. Beneath, select the role you'd like the individual to play on the blog, whether it be author, editor, contributor, or subscriber. (For a full list of what each of these roles can do, check out this list). Click on "Add User", and the user(s) will now have access to the blog in whatever role you have indicated.

To add multiple users at the same time, scroll down to the "Add Bulk Users" text box and enter in all the NetIDs of the users. Make sure that each NetID is on its own line. Be sure that you do NOT accidentally include your NetID in this list; if you do so, you will overwrite your administrative capabilities with the new role you assign yourself.

Deleting Users

Delete a user

To delete a user, click on the "Users" button on the left toolbar and click the option "Authors & Users". This will bring up a list of all users assigned to your blog. Toggling underneath the name of the user you want to delete will bring up an "edit" and "remove" option. Click the "remove" link. You will be prompted to "Confirm Deletion" as a final step. You will also be asked whether you want to delete anything the student may have posted or transfer authorship to another individual.

To delete multiple users, first click the check box to the left of all the users' names you want to remove. Go to the "Bulk action" drop down menu positioned above the user names, choose delete, and hit the "Apply" button. You will be prompted to "Confirm Deletion" as a final step.

FERPA Opt-outs

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the university must allow students to opt out of campus directories. This effectively means that these students' names and NetIDs can't be disclosed, which can make participation on a blog difficult. CNDLS administrators must add these students manually, so please contact us if you encounter this issue.

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