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Unlike the posts that regularly update, pages create spaces on the blog to include more stagnant information. An example of a page could be an Annotated Bibliography page for a research blog that includes a list of relevant sources, or an About My Project page for a summary of the work. These pages can always be updated and edited, but, by and large, they remain fairly static in contrast to the frequency of the blog posts.

Add a new page
Delete a page

Adding a page

  1. click on the "New Page" button that appears on the drop down "New Post" tab next to your sign in name,
  2. click on the drop down arrow of the "Page" button on the sidebar,then click the "Add New" option,
  3. or click on the "Pages" link in the "Right Now" box to open and edit existing pages.

Once the text box is open, proceed in the same fashion. A commenting option will appear beneath each public post; just click to open a text box and publish your comment. The "QuickPress" box on the right also lets you post directly from your dashboard, without having to navigate to the Posts menu.

Deleting a page

To delete a page, view your pages; hover over the page you want to delete, and select "delete."

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