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About Joan Lederman

Joan Lederman is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Her proximity to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has led to some unusual collaborations and synergies.

To create her ceramic glazes, Lederman uses ocean floor sediments brought to her by scientific researchers from places all over the world. She fires her works in a natural gas-fired kiln. She uses a process of trial and error to discover the unique patterns created by the various sediments.

I call it contingency thinking when I visualize what each glaze might do in a range of temperatures and atmospheres, on concave or convex surfaces, and how calligraphic writing will survive when the glazes flow. I think on multiple – sometimes parallel – tracks. If this, then that; if this, then that. I project likelihoods as my livelihood.-Joan Lederman

To read more about Lederman's background and work, visit her site The Soft Earth.