Initiative on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ITEL) Awards
5th Round | Fall 2015 - Fall 2016

Almost three years ago, Georgetown University announced its commitment to technology-based innovation through the Initiative on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ITEL). After a highly competitive call for proposals, we are delighted to announce the recipients of the latest ITEL awards. We offer our congratulations to the following awardees and look forward to seeing their projects take shape over the coming year.

Open Track Awards

Projects that experiment with technologies and pedagogical designs to improve teaching and student learning at the course or curricular level.

  • Donna Cameron (Family Medicine)
    “Quantum Mechanics for Everyone”
  • Ronald Davis (Chemistry)
    “Making the Most of Laboratory Time – design and evaluation of a virtual build pre-lab exercise for introductory organic laboratory students”
  • JR Osborn (CCT), Evan Barba (CCT), Lisa Strong (Art & Museum Studies), Gretchen Henderson (English)
    “The Pilgrimage Project”
  • Cristina Sanz (Spanish & Portuguese)
    “Teaching to Teach: Preparing the future language teacher”

GeorgetownX Awards

Projects to develop and implement a massive open online course (MOOC) under Georgetown’s partnership with edX, an initiative under GeorgetownX.

  • James Freericks (Physics)
    “A Lifetime of Wellness: Integrating Technology & Reflection for Self-care”
  • Theodore Supalla (Neurology)
    “Sign Language Structure Learning and Change”

Pilot Project Awards

Projects expected to develop proof of concept and pilot on a smaller scale.

  • Emily Francomano (Spanish & Portuguese)
    “The Medieval Reader: A Platform for Digitally Enhanced Reading in Manuscript Culture Featuring the Libro de buen amor”

Student Centered Learning through a Domain of One’s Own Cohort (Fall 2015)

This cohort will explore how Georgetown faculty can incorporate flexible online spaces into their course utilizing the Domain of One's Own toolset.

  • Tommaso Astarita (History)
  • Monica Maxwell­-Paegle (EFL)
  • Lahra Smith (African Studies)
  • Scott Taylor (African Studies)
  • Hiroshi Nakai (Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology)
  • Francisca Cho (Theology)
  • Maria Marquez (Pediatrics)

Engaging by Design: Games, Simulations, and Online Learning Modules (Fall 2015)

This cohort will provide faculty with opportunities to create virtual 'conversations' with students through interactive learning modules. CNDLS has also developed a platform for creating and editing a simple type of game, which will provide cohort members another option for exploration.

  • Carol Rogers (Economics)
  • Farima Sadigh Mostowfi (Persian)
  • Ghayda Al Ali (Arabic and Islamic Studies)
  • Jason Tilan (Nursing)
  • Milena Shahu (Chemistry)
  • Pamela Saunders (Neurology)
  • Tiffany Pellathy (Nursing)
  • Toby Long (Pediatrics)

Global Future(s) Curriculum Studio (Fall 2015)

This cohort will engage in richly interdisciplinary conversations and explore new modes of teaching and curricular structures that more deeply and effectively immerse students in interdisciplinarity, creative and critical approaches to complex problems, and opportunities to bridge theory and practice.

  • Alexander Thurston (SFS)
  • Anja Banchoff (German)
  • Betsi Stephen (SFS)
  • Bette Jacobs (Health Systems Administration)
  • Brian McCabe (Sociology)
  • Dana Luciano (English)
  • Henry Schwarz (English)
  • Joe Cunningham (German)
  • Laurie King (Anthropology)
  • Marjorie Balzer (Anthropology and CERES)
  • Mark Giordano (SFS)
  • Sherry Linkon (English)

Writing and Design Studio (Fall 2015)

TThis cohort was proposed and launched by a group of four applicants interested in integrating themes and problems of design into undergraduate writing courses, including committed iteration as a writing process, authentic feedback, collaborative community building, and an approach that begins with end users.

  • David Lipscomb (English)
  • Karen Shaup (English)
  • Matthew Pavesich (English)
  • Maggie Debelius (English)

Once again, congratulations to this round's ITEL awardees. We look forward to the development and implementation of these innovative and imaginative projects.

For more on ITEL, please visit the ITEL website or email

Eddie Maloney
Edward J. Maloney, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS)
Professor, The Department of English