ITEL Third Round Awards

We are delighted to announce funding decisions for the third ITEL call, which include 4 faculty cohorts and 9 Open Track projects. These new grants join our work with over 50 ITEL projects from the first and second round.

We would like to congratulate the following recipients of the Open Track awards. The Open Track awards will experiment with technologies and pedagogical designs to improve teaching and student learning, either at the course or curricular level. These projects will also offer insights that are widely applicable, scalable, and transformational.

  • Shweta Bansal & Lisa Singh
    Exploring network science through technology: Transforming liberal arts students from science and technology consumers to creators
  • Heidi Elmendorf
    Collaborative inquiry and the use of digitally-equipped microscopes in a biology laboratory curriculum
  • Ben Harbert
    Interactively visualizing music: Animating pedagogy through custom multimedia software
  • Sherry Linkon
    Integrated writing online: Tools for faculty and students
  • Yoshiko Mori
    Design of online kanji learning lessons and examination of the impact of the self-directed learning tools on Japanese language students’ vocabulary development
  • Marianna Pankova
    Fostering critical engagement with humanities content learning through telecollaboration in an advanced foreign language Class
  • Betsy Sigman
    Integrating real-time big data analysis and visualization for better decision-making
  • Kathryn Temple
    Creating mentored virtual micro-communities around shared goals
  • Robert Thomas
    Collaborative design for innovation

CNDLS would also like to congratulate the awardees, who will be joining cohorts this round. Each of the four cohorts is tied to a theme: 1) deepening discourse and engagement with tablet computing; 2) online games and simulations; 3) flipping the classroom with open educational resources (OERs); and 4) technology-based strategies for integrating writing and disciplinary thinking.

Our cohort awardees this round are:

  • Elham Atashi (Tablets cohort)
  • Aaron Hanlon (Tablets cohort)
  • Arik Levinson (Tablets cohort)
  • Anne O'Neil-Henry (Tablets cohort)
  • Carlos Suarez-Quian (Tablets cohort)
  • Robin Dillon-Merrill (Games cohort)
  • James Freericks (Games cohort)
  • Tanina Rostain (Games cohort)
  • Henry Schwarz (Games cohort)
  • William Buckley (OERs cohort)
  • Collier Hyams (OERs cohort)
  • Guy Spielmann (OERs cohort)
  • Monica Arruda De Almeida (Writing cohort)
  • Soyica Colbert (Writing cohort)
  • Huaping Lu-Adler (Writing Cohort
  • Monica Maxwell (Writing cohort)
  • Jason Tilan (Writing cohort)

We are excited by the opportunities afforded for sharing practices between ongoing ITEL work and these newly funded projects, and we look forward to the development and implementation of these innovative and imaginative proposals.